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The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine
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Our Advice in Action

Our groundbreaking studies on science policy, health and medicine, engineering and technology, education, and the environment often raise awareness about important issues and drive public policy decisions for many years after they are released. Some examples follow.

An Overhaul of U.S. Drug Safety
Our hard-hitting report identified major reforms in the Food and Drug Administration's drug safety system. In total, FDA has taken more than 40 actions as a comprehensive response to the report. Read more

Photo courtesy NASA. Boosting American Competitiveness
Recommendations from our self-funded report formed the basis for the recently reauthorized America COMPETES Act, whose objective is making the U.S. a stronger contender in the global marketplace. Read more

Three trilobyte fossils. © Wikkimedia Commons Strong Instruction on Evolution
In part because of our many publications on the teaching of evolution, a U.S. district court judge struck down a local school board's requirement that "intelligent design" be taught as an alternative to evolution.
Read more

Leadership on Climate Change
Our reports on the science behind climate change have done much to raise awareness among government officials and the public, putting global warming on the nation's agenda of serious policy issues. Read more

Hubble Space Telescope courtesy NASA Saving Hubble
Our report played a big role in persuading NASA to maintain the Hubble Space Telescope, which continues to provide thousands of breathtaking images and critical data for astronomers. Read more

Helicopter lowers sandbags to block breach in levee after Hurricane Katrina. Photo courtesy U.S. Army Better Hurricane Protection for New Orleans
Recommendations from our reports led to many improvements in plans for strengthening post-Katrina hurricane protection systems in New Orleans. Read more